5 Tips to Survive Boxing Day Shopping

Posted on December 25, 2016 - True shoppers know that the big holiday of the year isn’t Christmas but December 26th, Boxing Day. You’ve just been gifted cash and gift cards, you’re full of Christmas dinner and family love, and you’re hungry for a deal. Boxing Day is the perfect opportunity to get everything Santa forgot to tick off your wishlist – at half the price!

But Boxing Day isn’t all fun and games. If you don’t heed our advice, your Boxing Day experience could be miserable with long lines, endless waiting and missed deals. So set yourself up for success by following our five tips to survive Boxing Day shopping.

1. The early bird gets the worm

The best way to start your Boxing Day shopping is bright and early. We don’t mean necessarily standing in line at 3:00am but it wouldn’t hurt to get an early start and show up to the mall shortly after breakfast. The earlier you get there, the more great deals will still be available. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking to show up in the afternoon only to learn they sold out of that one product you were looking for? And if you head to the mall earlier in the day, you’ll beat the crowds who don’t come out in full force until the afternoon. With any luck, you’ll have your shopping done by then and be home in time for a dinner of Christmas leftovers.

2. Bring a buddy

Taking a friend along for your Boxing Day shopping is essential because they can help you beat the lines. When you arrive at a store and see the monstrous line up to get to the cash, don’t worry. Get in line right away while your buddy does a speed-shop of the store. Then, you’ll switch spots; your friend stands in line while you get your shopping done. By the time you’ve picked up what you need, your friend will be close to the front of the line with just enough time for you both to compare potential purchases. It’s genius! Just be careful you don’t invite too many friends to your Boxing Day shopping trip. No one minds if one extra person slips in line but three or four and the other shoppers will begin to get huffy. Plus, navigating the mall with a hoard of people and their different interests is never fun.

3. Have a game plan

It’s essential to go into Boxing Day with a strategy in mind. Start with a list of what you’re shopping for. We suggest keeping your list broad so that you can take advantage of deals and so you don’t get discouraged if the specific product you’re looking for isn’t on sale. Next, you’ll want to set a budget. Tell your Boxing Day buddy how much you’re willing to spend so they can help keep you on track. If you’re someone who struggles to stick to a budget, just bring cash and leave your credit and debit cards at home. Finally, decide where you’re going. Head to a less busy mall or shopping street if you can to help avoid long lines and big crowds.

4. Dress for success

You don’t have to put on a suit and tie, but it is important to dress for a successful Boxing Day shopping trip. For starters, try to go without your heavy coat and other winter gear. It’s not possible for everyone, but if you can find a way to do it and not freeze, you’ll be thankful when you see other shoppers getting hot under all their layers or stuck carrying a huge coat in their arms. You’ll also want to wear comfortable shoes – you’re going to be doing a lot of walking and standing. We also suggest an outfit that you can try things on top of, just in case the lines for the fitting room are too long. Lastly, we recommend purse carriers use a small cross-body purse so you can do all your shopping hands free!

5. Pack your patience

Despite all of our tips for success, you will inevitably face long lines, crowds and unpleasant feelings on Boxing Day. You’re going to get tired, hungry and plain fed up with your fellow shoppers. But try and keep the Christmas spirit alive one day longer, even when someone cuts in front of you and steals the last blender on sale. To ward against any angry outbursts, remember to take lots of breaks. Give yourself a chance to sit, have something to eat or refuel with some caffeine. It’s a long day of shopping and we don’t want any incidents because someone got hangry.

Bonus tip: Shop online!

Does Boxing Day shopping in real life sound too intimidating but you still want to snag a deal? You’re in luck because Boxing Day sales can be found online. Online shopping is a great way to still save some money, avoid all of the line ups and spend more of the holidays in your pajamas.

Happy bargain hunting savvy shoppers! What’s on your Boxing Day shopping wishlist?

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