Celebrate Chinese New Year in Vancouver

Posted on January 23, 2017 - Why have just one New Years celebration when you can have two? This year Chinese New Year is on January 29th and fortunately that’s just around the corner, so why not celebrate twice?

With all of the entertainment, food and excitement that Chinese New Year brings, there’s really no reason not to. 2017 is the year of the Rooster which means that this year will be an excellent one for productivity, work and discipline. So, get ready to get down to business at these enchanting events taking place in the heart of historic Chinatown.

Chinese New Year is also the beginning of a new year for Koreans, Vietnamese and many other Asian cultures, so you can bet that it will be a major event this year in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. But Vancouver’s historic Chinatown will be especially buzzing with festivities and cultural events for all ages. First and foremost, look out for the annual Chinese New Year Parade which is a must see for its unique expressions of the beauty of Asian culture.

This year, the Chinese New Year Parade takes place on January 29th from 11AM-2PM. The vibrant parade, which kicked off for the first time in 1979, has been a celebrated part of Vancouver’s lengthy tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year and is one of the most dynamic and popular festivals of its kind. Each year it attracts more than 50,000 revelers and features a stunning and colourful display with over 3,000 performers including the legendary lion dance teams in Vancouver, which are an absolute must see. If that’s not enough, there will be martial arts performers, dancers, singers and drummers to contribute to the spectacle.

The parade starts at the Chinatown Millennium gate on West Pender and will march down West Pender, up Gore Street and then up along Keefer. After the parade, you can look forward to the Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival. There will be more multicultural performances, a lion dance grand finale and much, much more.

Finally, what’s a Chinese New Year celebration without a grand feast? Of course the annual Chinese New Year Banquet will return at the Floata Seafood Restaurant (#400-180 Keefer Street). Feast on traditional and modern Chinese cuisine and then feast your eyes on lion dances and enjoy good luck greetings from the Fortune God all while watching a Chinese variety show. Dinner starts at 6PM and tickets are $38 and they usually cook up a ten-course meal that features all of the classics in Chinese New Year cuisine.

Aside from Floata, expect many other restaurants to celebrate Chinese New Year with food and festivities. Historically, families get together on the Lunar New Year’s Eve for a dinner, and it’s considered the most important meal of the year, so you won’t want to miss out on it.

A traditional meal will include noodles for longevity, dumplings to represent money, spring rolls that look like gold bars and lettuce wraps, which are a riff on the Chinese word for “fortune.” Delight in the culinary creations of several restaurants like Jade Seafood Restaurant, Sea Harbour Seafood, Fisherman’s Terrace, Suhang Restaurant, Continental Seafood Restaurant, Shiang Garden and many more.

With so many ways to celebrate Chinese New year, you have a world of events to choose from, so choose wisely and make the year of the Rooster the best one yet.

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