Best Food Photos in Vancouver, January 2017

Posted on January 24, 2017 - Vancouver is definitely a haven for foodies. No matter what cuisine is your favourite, you’ll find a great restaurant that meets your needs in Vancouver. From sushi and pho to burgers and tacos, we have it all in Van City.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the yummiest dishes that have been enjoyed around the city this month. Even with the erratic weather and cold start to 2017, we’re finding a way to enjoy the gastronomical side in a city that always loves to eat.

? @virtuous_pie is pizza heaven – the vegan feta on the med was ah-mazing and the ultraviolet continues to be our fav #veganpizzagram

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Decisions decisions! // Who knew Sunday lunch could be such a dilemma? We went to @docklunch_offmain in hopes of finally trying Elizabeth's home cooked #soulfood, however she had unfortunately already sold out by the time we arrived. So then we went with plan B @yolksbreakfast, since I have been seriously craving their #lemontrufflehash, however we were told it would be an hour wait! So on to plan C, @redwagoncafe for #pulledporkpancakes (one of J's favourites). After putting our names down and standing in the cold for a good 20 minutes we grew more and more hungry, meanwhile trying to ignore that fact that @tacofinovan was just across the street without a wait… but we caved. Luckily for us, Tacofino never fails ?? // The #friedchicken burrito has NACHO CRUSTED CHICKEN. Yes, you read that right. Along with pea shoots, cabbage, salsa, guac, and black chili oil. Happy Sunday everyone! #thehungrycouple #tacofino

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?Location: Minami Yaletown. . ? Service: Overall excellent. Our server was quite attentive. . ? Pictured: Salmon Oshi Sushi (front) and Ebi Oshi Sushi (back). . ? Food: Absolutely in love with their aburi oshi sushi! The pressed salmon was torched to perfection giving off a smokey flavour with every bite. Complemented with the richness of the Miku sauce and a kick from the jalapeños, it really brought out the freshness of the salmon. The ebi oshi was accompanied by lime zest and ume sauce, which made the oshi taste very light and refreshing. But to truly determine if the oshi is good or not, you need to look at the rice. In this case, the rice was tender yet firm enough to be pressed into little rectangles of deliciousness. With the lift of the chopsticks, the oshi passed the test of not falling apart instantly. . ? Comments: The ebi oshi was yummy, but it wasn't as good as the salmon oshi, so we probably would've been happy with just doubling the order of the salmon oshi. . #minami #japanese #aburi #oshi #salmon #ebi #igersvancouver #vancityeats #vancityfoodie #vancityfood #yvreats #yvrfood #yvrfoodie #gastropostvan #gastropost #dhvanfood #604eats #eeeats #yaletown #foodporn #coupleeats #thefoodiescouple

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Perfect way to start the week ? @foodyensation #vancityvibe

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Battered and deep fried cauliflower totally counts as a serving of veggies @dublin_crossing_vancouver

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Spicy bomb roll ??

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Sometimes food are too pretty to eat, but you end up eating it anyway ? . In Picture: Aburi Chirashi Tart @mikurestaurant

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@please_feed_the_panda this looks amazing. Perfect before hockey. Only a few short steps in the rain to Rogers.

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Which one of these yummy plates are you dying to try?

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