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Posted on February 7, 2017 - Yoga: though not everyone’s tried it, we’re willing to bet everyone’s heard of it. The ancient Indian practice has spread worldwide like an incredibly zen wildfire over the past several years, and man are we glad it has.

Vancouver local and owner of Semperviva Yoga, Gloria Latham, has recently been asked to present at the International Yoga Festival in India for the second year in a row. We must say, we could not be more proud of this inspiring Vancouverite! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending one of her Kundalini classes, you probably aren’t the slightest bit surprised.

Semperviva is a key player in Vancouver’s yoga scene, and we feel that everyone needs to experience it. Semperviva has four locations in the city, 3 of which are located in the Kitsilano area and 1 is on Granville Island. Each offers a unique charm while maintaining the Semperviva atmosphere we all know and love.

It’s hard to describe, but Semperviva is far more than just a place to do yoga, and Gloria is leaps and bounds more than just a studio owner or yoga teacher. To try and put our fingers on these indescribable qualities, we sat down with Gloria to hear about how Semperviva got started and her recent exciting news. Here’s what we found out:

Prior to the birth of Semperviva over 22 years ago, Gloria worked as a Pharmacist. She was drawn to pharmaceuticals as a result of her deep-rooted interest in health and wellness. Throughout her 7 years in the industry, she began to notice an issue. Countless people were paying attention to their health only once a problem presented itself.

After noticing that health was being utilized as a form of damage control rather than a way of living, she became fascinated with preventative medicine. Gloria started bringing books, natural remedies, and supplements into her pharmacy, turning it into a “natural pharmacy” which looked to give people the tools for a life of wellness, mind and body. Pretty cool, right?

During a particularly stressful day among countless others in a period of her life, Gloria took a shot in the dark and tried yoga for the first time. Her first “class” was simply a 15-minute video on VHS (yes, VHS), but it was more than enough. She couldn’t believe how it made her feel, and she instantly wanted to harness that and help others feel it too.

She immediately began her teacher training and shortly after, Semperviva’s first location opened its doors in Kits. Since then, the studio has grown substantially, and Gloria has never stopped learning. Education is of the utmost importance to her, so she is constantly traveling the world learning from the best of the best, bringing that knowledge back to the teachers of Semperviva, and sharing it with us, their students.

We can all attest to the fact that Kitsilano is a vibrant, healthy, inspiring part of Vancouver, in fact, Gloria grew up in Kits, and these qualities made her want Semperviva to grow there as well. As we mentioned, each of the locations are different, for example, one has a wealth of books and educational materials for sale, while another one just down the street has beautiful yoga apparel, jewelry, and more.

Each location has hot tea, the friendliest staff, and some of the best classes you’ll ever experience. Gloria brings the masterminds of yoga from across the world to Vancouver to educate her teachers and students to provide them with the strongest foundation possible. So, when you step onto your mat at one of their locations, you know you’re getting the best. 16 years ago, she dedicated herself to the path of yoga. Since then she’s become one of Yoga’s most renowned teachers and retreat leaders. Having been featured in countless publications for her unique contributions to yoga, Janet Stone blends the alchemy of her own practice with decades of studentship. And she’ll be at Semperviva in just a few short months! Look out for an extra special Forgiveness Flow Workshop from Feb 17-18, 2017! The weekend workshop will be split into 2 parts. On Friday night, dive below the surface of asana using forgiveness practice to unearth their healing components which allow us to move through stuck habits, patterns and addictions. On Saturday/Sunday you’ll spend 2 days working to establish your svadharma, your own personal path through the many forms and expressions of the yogic life. Sign up for Friday night, Saturday/Sunday or the whole weekend!

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Rather than treating injuries or illness once they occur, why not actively work on your wellness, mind and body? Semperviva was born with the intention of helping people do so, and they are constantly collecting new knowledge and resources with that intention in mind.

We are so proud of the business Gloria Latham created, how wonderfully it has grown, and the fact that these achievements are being recognized internationally.

Thank you for your contribution to our city, and the continuous inspiration!

For more information, check out Semperviva Yoga

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