8 Asian Food Restaurants in Vancouver You Should Try

Posted on February 16, 2017 - If you’re looking for delicious Asian cuisine, you don’t have to look too far in Vancouver. We’re the city with a sushi restaurant on every block. We have a bustling and busy Chinatown, and everyone has their favourite place for Vietnamese noodle soup. But just to make sure you’re really eating the good stuff, check out our suggestions for eight of the best Asian food restaurants in Vancouver.

If you haven’t been to one of these restaurants yet, what are you waiting for?

Mui Ngo Gai

If you’re looking for delicious noodle soup perfect for the winter weather, you’ve found it at Mui Ngo Gai. Mui Ngo Gai promises dishes that allow you to explore every region of Vietnam. Fans can’t get enough of the bold flavours, fresh ingredients and cheap prices.

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Pinpin Restaurant

Pinpin Restaurant serves up authentic Filipino-Chinese cuisine that keeps patrons lining up out the door. The clientele, mainly Filipino, swear that they’ve been transported back to the Philippines as they enjoy their favourite dishes from home like lomi noodles, crispy pata and halo halo for dessert. Fun fact: the original Pinpin Restaurant opened in Manila, Philippines in 1945 by the same family who run Vancouver’s Pinpin Restaurant today!

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Phnom Penh

You’ll know you’ve found Phnom Penh when you see a line of hungry customers outside the small restaurant entrance, no matter what time you show up. That’s because diners can’t get enough of the delicious Cambodian-Vietnamese fare served at Phnom Penh. The most popular dishes include butter beef, beef luc lac and the crispy chicken wings. In fact, if you visit Phnom Penh and don’t order the chicken wings, did you even go to Phnom Penh?

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Kingyo is the home of Japanese tapas – small plates of delicious and unique Japanese cuisine served Izakaya style. That makes Kingyo the perfect place for a big group as all of the small plates are meant to be shared. Top dishes include kobe beef and beef tongue grilled on a hot stone at your table, tuna tataki, ebi mayo and their creative take on a bento box.

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Bao Down

Asian goes fusion at everyone’s favourite lunch joint, Bao Down. We love the unique flavours, east meets west vibe and the weekly specials. We also love the community involvement and holiday love shown at Bao Down, such as releasing the Rainbow Bao during Pride Week and dying the baos pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


For a fancy spin on Thai food, head to Maenam in Kitsilano. Maenam loves to take old school classics and revitalize them with modern twists. Check out their panaeng curry, braised beef and crispy ling cod for some finger licking good meats. And don’t forget to add one of their specialty cocktails and a dessert of black sticky rice or banana roti for a complete meal.

Peaceful Restaurant

You don’t get featured on the Food Network for serving anything less than delicious, which is why we can understand how Peaceful Restaurant is always packed with customers. And we can’t blame them! The Chinese food served here is delicious and will have you craving seconds and thirds. We love the xiao long baos, crispy beef roll and spare ribs.


Vancouver is home to so many amazing Japanese restaurants it’s hard to pick just one to feature on our list. But we’re going to have to go with Miku for mouth watering dishes, fresh ingredients, beautiful plates and a fine dining take on one of Vancouver’s favourite foods: sushi. Plus, they have the most amazing dessert options such as milk chocolate banana mousse, green tea opera and caramelized apple passion fruit tatin.

We’re salivating! Did your favourite Asian restaurant make the list? And which one of these restaurants do you want to try first?

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