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10 Things You Can Buy in Vancouver Instead of a House

Posted on February 17, 2017 - If you think you’re buying a house in Vancouver, you’re either delusional, coming into a hefty inheritance of you have a loose definition of the word “house.”

That’s because the average detached house price in the Greater Vancouver Area as of November 2016 is $1.61 million. And that’s an 8% decrease from the average price of $1.76 million that detached homes were going for in July 2016. But if you move that home back within the city of Vancouver instead of the Greater Vancouver Area, the average price jumps back up to $2.6 million. This is huge compared to the average house price in Canada, a measly $586,000. Housing prices in Vancouver are clearly out of control.

So what can we do about it? Laugh? Cry? Hope we win the lottery? Probably a combination of all three of those things. But for curiousity’s sake, let’s say we decide not to buy a house in Vancouver. What else could we do with $2.6 million?

Ride the Bus 1.2 Million Times

A single bus ride on Translink with a compass card costs $2.10. Instead of buying a house, you can take over 1.2 million bus rides. So if you take the bus to and from work every day, your 1.2 million bus rides will last you almost 2300 years. We sincerely hope you’re not still working 2300 years from now.

Eat Over 1 Million Jethro’s Pancakes

At Jethro’s Fine Grub, you can enjoy four giant buttermilk pancakes for only $10. And the pancakes are so giant that four could easily feed an entire family. Love pancakes more than you love houses? Then enjoy 1,040,000 pancakes with your $2.6 million. You could literally build yourself a home out of pancakes!

Ski Grouse Mountain 42,622 Times

For the cost of an average house in Vancouver, you can ski up and down Grouse Mountain countless times with 42,622 Adult Full Day Lift passes. Of course, if you were that big a fan of skiing at Grouse, you would probably buy a winter or an annual pass. And if you plan to use all 42,622 Day Lift passes, it would take you almost 117 years if the mountain was open for skiing 365 days a year. But since it’s not, we say it’s probably best to give yourself at least 250 years to get all your skiing done.

Eat 325,000 Japadogs

Japadog, one of Vancouver’s favourite food joints where you can get a Japanese style hot dog, serves up a fully loaded hot dog for $4-$8. For a few more bucks, you can get a bag of specialty shaked fries and a drink. So what does your $2.6 million get you? 325,000 Japadogs plus more fries than you’d know what to do with.

Go to 178,204 Yoga Classes

At Semperviva Yoga, you can get a 10-class pass for $145.95 thanks to their extended New Year’s sale. So for that price, you could go to 178,204 yoga classes for the price of an average house in Vancouver. But if you’re going to clock almost 200,000 yoga classes, you’re better off getting an unlimited pass or annual membership.

Eat 650,000 BC Sushi Rolls

Sure, Vancouverites love their sushi. But do you love it 650,000 rolls worth? Instead of buying a $2.6 million house, you could buy 650,000 BC rolls. Since each order usually contains 6-8 individual rolls, you’re looking at 3,900,000 to 5,200,000 sushi rolls. We hope you really like BBQ salmon skin and cucumber!

Stay 7,450 Nights at the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons, one of the nicest hotels in Vancouver, is not a cheap place to stay overnight. If you want to book a romantic room for Valentine’s Day, it’s going to set you back $349. But with your $2.6 million you could afford to stay at the Four Seasons for 7,450 nights or a little over 20 years. Now doesn’t 20 years in a luxury hotel sound like a pretty good trade off for home ownership?

Visit Science World Over 111,000 Times

Want to learn more about science? You’ll have lots of time to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know because instead of buying house, you can visit Science World 111,827 times based on the adult fare. You could go to Science World every single day for 306 years. You could practically live there! Who needs a house when you live at Science World?

Eat 371,428 Rain or Shine Ice Cream Sundaes

For just $7 you can get a premium Rain or Shine sundae with two scoops of ice cream, two toppings, whip cream and a cherry. If you always scream for ice cream, get ready to enjoy over 370,000 ice cream sundaes for the price of a house. That’s enough ice cream to have a sundae every single day for over 1000 years!

Buy 16 Houses in Charlottetown, PEI

So you’ve decided you’d rather buy a house than get stuck with hundreds and thousands of ice cream sundaes, pancakes or yoga classes, eh? Good news! You still can buy a house. You can even buy a house on the coast. You just have to move to the other coast. Houses on the east coast in Charlottetown, PEI cost an average of $163,533 (2015). So instead of buying one house in Vancouver, head to PEI and you can buy almost 16! If you buy your first house at 35, you could buy a new house every 3 years for the rest of your life just for fun.

What would you rather buy instead of a house in Vancouver?

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