The Vegan’s Guide To Eating Out In Vancouver

Posted on February 20, 2017 - Healthy eating is no longer just a trend; it’s a revolution. People are making more health-conscious food choices than ever before. A moment of silence for all the junk food drawers brimming with bags of Cheetos; you lived a long life, and brought joy to so many hearts and waistlines.

Whether you’re following a plant-based diet to preserve the lives of animals, care for the environment, improve your health, or just to get a rockin’ summer bod because beach season is sort of on its way, CityMash has your back. Scroll down for a list of ten vegan-friendly restaurants in Vancouver.

P.S: Try not to drool.

Chau Veggie Express, 5052 Victoria Drive

In the mood for sweet and savoury vegan meals? Chau Veggie Express understands and is here for you. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese dishes, most of their offerings – from salads to rice noodle bowls – are also available as gluten-free options. Plus, they make the most amazing praline bars (this is obviously a verified fact).

Say Hello, 401 Industrial Avenue

Say hello (get it?!) to the incredible world of plant-based ice cream and ice cream sandwiches with this Vancouver based food truck. The Monkey Uncle which features caramelized bananas and toasted walnut pieces is a definite crowd pleaser. Buy one. Buy five. Or go crazy and buy the entire truck.

Tractor Foods, Various Locations

Greens + tomatoes on toast + throw an egg on there! #TractorFoods #Breakfast #EverydayHealthyFoods #MarineBuilding

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Tractor is one of the most talked about eateries in Vancouver and it comes as no surprise. They offer chai bars, sandwiches, stews, soups, and veggie salads. All of their veggie salads are $3.50 each so you never have to worry about giving your bank account a mini seizure. 

Virtuous Pie, 583 Main Street

This is the vegan food spot every vegan food spot wants to be when they grow up. They offer a variety of unique plant-based pizzas and ice cream flavours that will satisfy the cravings you haven’t even had yet. The best part is that you have the option to order online for pick up and delivery. Thank the vegan gods for Virtuous Pie.

The Acorn, 3995 Main Street

Mushroom + root veg pot pie, warm roasted shallot + carrot salad #vegan #brunch at #theacorn

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Feeling a little fancy? Well, visit The Acorn. This stylish upscale restaurant and bar has a great number of beautifully plated and attractively garnished vegan food options that look too exquisite to eat. Pictured above is their mushroom and root veggie pot pie with warm roasted shallot and carrot salad. Because chicken pot pies are so passé. The Acorn really is all that and a bag of chips. Kale chips, of course.

The Arbor, 3941 Main Street

Spaghetti and neatballs, almond parmesan, garlic bread #realfoodforcomfort [email protected]

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The Arbor is the brainchild of the team behind The Acorn, with a more accessible menu and casual atmosphere. It is The Acorn’s spontaneous and less formal sister. Think flatbreads, veggie burgers, onion rings, french fries, and pumpkin bread pudding.

Edible Flours, 2280 West Broadway

Meet on Main is the mother of all comfort food eateries. Their menu features fresh soups made daily, burgers, mac n’ cheese, cheesecake, and root bear floats. They also offer a variety of delicious fries like the hocus-pocus which comes with chipotle mayo and cashew gravy dip. Welcome to Flavour Town, population: innumerable.

Budgies Burritos, 44 Kingsway

Quesadilla special: black beans, jalapeños, cilantro w/ side salsa, guac and sour cream.$9.

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In that unnatural mood where you want to eat twelve burritos but you can’t have meat, cheese, or sour cream? Budgies has the solution: veggie ground round, garlic and lime roasted potatoes, tofurkey, and guacamole which is really more of a reward than a substitute. Budgies also offers chips and salsa, quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and tortilla soup.

Bonus: If you’re substituting dairy for guacamole, there’s no extra charge. Finally you no longer have to yell, “I know guac is extra!” at your server. Take that, Chipotle.

Which of these spots are you going to try first?

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