10 Things Vancouver Hates More Than Snow

Posted on March 15, 2017 - Yes, it’s true. Vancouverites hate the snow. We can’t deal with it. Sure, we think it’s pretty but we don’t know how to handle it at all. When it snows, Vancouver comes to a stand still. Buses stop running, cars get stuck, schools shut down, everyone is late and we all just want to get back into our cosy warm beds and wait out the winter.

So is there anything worse than snow? Well, turns out the answer is yes. Here are ten things that Vancouverites despise more than snow, if you can believe it.

Brunch line ups

What’s the worst thing that could happen when you’re hungry after having skipped breakfast? A line up. Waiting for brunch is the worst! You’re dreaming of eggs benedict or a plate piled high with waffles but first you have a 90 minute wait for a table for four.

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When your compass card doesn’t work

You’re boarding the bus after having waited out in the cold for 15 minutes. You’re cold and there is a line up of people waiting behind you. You go to tap your wallet against the compass card reader and you get that terrible noise that means it didn’t work. The reader goes red and so does your face. You tap it two more times and still nothing. Great…

The housing market

Prices are high and so is demand. Most twenty-somethings can’t even imagine the possibility of owning a home one day. Need we say more?

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When Starbucks stops selling PSLs

It’s a sad day when your local Starbucks runs out of whatever that magic potion is they use to make Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It’s never a set date but one day we head into our Starbucks hoping for a delicious cup of cozy autumn goodness and we get turned away. How is that fair?

Non pet-friendly rentals

What is with Vancouver and all of their non pet-friendly rental options? What’s a person with a dog or a cat supposed to do? It’s not fair that we have to choose between having a place to live and making our puppy dreams come true. We want both!

When your yoga class is full

You show up in your Lululemon pants with a yoga mat and yoga blocks in tow. You had to run out of work and onto a rush hour packed bus to get here. And just as you enter the yoga studio, you see them close the door as someone else beat you to the last spot. Namaste, we guess.

People thinking you’re from Toronto

Every conversation you’ve ever had abroad goes like this:
Them: Where are you from?
You: Canada
Them: Oh cool! So you’re from Toronto?
You: No…
Why does everyone think there is only one city in all of Canada? Didn’t the Winter Olympics help put us on the map at all?

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When Whole Foods runs out of your favourite snack

If everyone could stay away from our vegan chocolate cake with assorted berries, that would be just great. And if that salad station is getting low on our favourite vegetable, we will boycott!

Construction and blocked roads

Why does it seem like every road in Vancouver is either under construction or blocked off for some parade, race or festival? Can we ever just drive down the streets without a detour? And if you work or study at UBC, don’t even get us started on the constant construction that’s happening there.

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And, of course, the rain

If there’s one thing Vancouverites can always complain about, it’s the rain. By the time our wet spring weather hits, we’ll almost be wishing the snow was back.

Raintown ??‍♀️☔️ . The umbrellas were out in full force yesterday as the rain beat down on the streets of Yaletown. Looking southeast down Helmcken to Mainland Street. If you look close, you can see a stack of paperwork in an office on the second floor. Captured in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ~ February 15, 2017 ? . . . #Yaletown #Raincouver #Raincity #Vancouver #CityOfVancouver @Vancouver_Canada @TheVancouverSun @Canada #igersVancouver #Vancity #VeryVancouver #VisitaVancouver #DailyHiveVan #VancityHype #VancityFeature #VancityVibe #604Now #VancouverIsAwesome #Photos604 #ExploreBC #PNW #StayPNW #ExploreCanada #TourCanada #TotesCanadian #ImagesOfCanada #ExploreToCreate #AwesomeEarth #NeverStopExploring #City_Explore #ItsAmazingOutThere #Awesome_EarthPix #CTVVancouver

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