Back & Forth THE New Place to go in Vancouver

Posted on March 30, 2017

CityMash.com - Back & Forth is a bar like no other in the city. The 150 seats aren’t that unusual, but the six full-size ping pong tables and the snack menu which includes pizza pops and Chef Boyardee take it into the ‘only in Vancouver’ category.

Oh so comfy decor

This funky 3000 sqft space at 303 Columbia Street was previously the home of Whiskey Bar, but the owner, Regan Truong has transformed it with vintage furniture found on Craigslist, bright primary colours and whimsical wallpaper.

Don’t let that fool you, though; this is no grandmas living room. The decor gives the entire space a relaxed feeling reminiscent of sitting at home in your front room but with more friends and fun!

Because we don’t all like clubs

Back & Forth fills the Vancouver entertainment vacuum that exists if you don’t want to spend your night dressing up, going deaf, and having drinks poured on you in a nightclub or making one expensive drink last four hours in a crowded pub before dodging fights and pools of vomit when you get outside.

This is the perfect place for those of us who like to go out but don’t want to put any effort into getting ready, don’t want to listen to loud music but do want to be able to act like you are at home.

Like home, but more fun

The entertainment is varied. You can book one of the ping-pong tables by the hour, play board games such as Pictionary, chess, and Settlers of Catan or while away your time on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, with wireless controllers.

Super Mario Bros would be my choice, having stayed up three nights straight to complete the game when it was originally released, but you might prefer Bubble Bobble or even Mike Tysons Punch-Out!!

The kind of drinks you want

It is strictly a 19-plus venue, and the bar will have a variety of craft beers from local brewers including, Parkside, Strathcona, Fuggles and Warlock, and Parallel 49 on tap.

There will also be a couple of wines and cider available, but you can bring along your wine if you like – you just pay a corkage fee.The bars playlist is from the 80’s and 90’s and sure to appeal to everyone over 30.

Food like no other

Sticking with the ‘bring your own theme, you are welcome to bring your own take-out from other places – not something most places let you do, but you may not be bothered about your own take out when you see Back & Forth’s menu.

The owner, Regan Truong, has proudly said that the microwave is the chef and you can choose Pizza pockets, Chef Boyardee, cup noodles, chips, and more. It is just like eating at home for some, and all food will be under $5.

Back & Forth has no cover charge and will be open Sunday to Thursday from 4 pm to 2 am, and Friday to Saturday from 4 pm to 3 am. See you there!

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