7 New Hobbies to Pick Up this Spring

Posted on April 20, 2017 - Spring is the perfect time to start something new.

The cold winter has finally run its course and we can wake up out of our forced hibernation. No more snow (we hope)! And since most people try to get into new hobbies in January and end up dropping them by February, the classes and workshops below should be a lot less busy.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve got seven awesome new hobbies for you to choose from. Try something new this spring and let us know how it goes!

Learn how to fight:

No, we don’t mean that you should show up in a back alley after starting an argument with the co-worker you hate. We were thinking something a little more disciplined. Have you thought about kickboxing? There are lots of classes in Vancouver for all fitness levels as well as special classes that are for women only.

If you want to try something a little more out of the box, we think you’d love sword fighting. It’s a great workout, plus you’ll be able to reenact your favourite scenes from Game of Thrones like the duelling expert you are.

Take an art class:

No matter what kind of art you’re interested in, Vancouver has classes in every medium and for all skill levels. Want to hone in on your granny skills and start working on knitted scarves for next winter? Check out these knitting lessons with Wet Coast Wools. Prefer to act like Demi Moore in Ghost? Head to U Paint I Fire for classes in making and painting pottery.

If knitting and pottery are too tame for you, we think you should try out woodworking. How cool would it be to make your own wooden cutting board? And if you’re looking to get your Etsy on, check out these classes at Soigne where you can learn to make soaps, candles and lots of other artsy things.

Lots of small-gifts in our shop for the holidays. We are open during the week 8-4 and Saturday 11-5??

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Try a new style of cooking:

Want to learn how to cook dishes from a specific cuisine or at least learn how to not burn everything you touch in the kitchen? Lucky for you, Vancouver is lousy with cooking classes.

If you’re looking for something simple but super practical, learn how to make oatmeal. If you want to impress your guests with delicious smells coming from your kitchen, learn how to make fresh bread.

Or perhaps you’re ready to step it up and became a real chef in the kitchen. Try out Indian cooking with Feed Life or learn how to make pasta or perfect your knife skills with Quince.

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Learn how to dance:

Even if you swear you’ve got two left feet, you can still have a lot of fun and get a great workout from taking a dance class. Take your partner for a spin during swing dance lessons – sure to get your heart pumping and leave a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for something more non-traditional, we’ve got two awesome suggestions for you: burlesque, where you can learn choreography and how to work it with a fan, boa or chair; and ballet with a twist – classes at ballet lounge teach ballet techniques while blasting EDM music.

Try making a killer drink:

Now here is a hobby that your friends will be glad you picked up. Haven’t you always wanted to make the perfect cocktail? Or learn how to toss a martini shaker behind your back without dropping it? Then get yourself to a bartending class! With Metropolitan Bartending, you can take a one-day workshop just for fun or enroll in the certification course if you’re more serious about your bar skills.


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Practice your jumping:

Think trampolines are just for kids? Think again! There are lots of adult-friendly bouncing opportunities in the city. Try out a mini trampoline fitness class to see how your favourite childhood toy can now help you burn calories. Or head to Extreme Air Park, an indoor trampoline park, for all the fun bouncing your heart could desire.

Get writing:

You know what hobby needs to make a comeback? Good old fashioned letter writing. We’re talking snail mail, not texts or emails. Join the Assembly of Text’s Letter Writing Club to get back into the habit of putting pen to paper. The club meets monthly to write letters and you can even make use of their supplies, like cool old-timey typewriters, for free.

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Which class caught your eye? Let us know how your new hobby goes – we’re sure you’ll be a pro by the time summer rolls around.

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