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The Most Expensive and Least Expensive House in Your Vancouver Neighbourhood

Posted on April 27, 2017 - Everyone keeps saying that the housing market in Vancouver is crazy. But how crazy is it? Check out the most expensive and least expensive house in these 10 Vancouver neighbourhoods to see if your home owning dreams could become a reality or if you should just keep dreaming.


If you live Downtown you’re close to nightlife, shopping and lots of great restaurants. But can you afford to be so close to the good life?

If you want to go big on your downtown dreams, you’ll need $5.68 million for this three bedroom, two bathroom apartment with stunning city, ocean and mountain views. Floor to ceiling windows, a separate dressing room and a Georgia and Thurlow location give this apartment its big price tag.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can still live downtown in a studio apartment for just $389,000. And while this apartment may be smaller, you’re in the heart of the action at Howe and Davie. Plus, this building has a pool and a hot tub!


Heading east from downtown and hopefully with some more money in your pocket, you can try your luck in Yaletown. You should probably buy a small dog and join a fancy spin studio if you want to fit in with this crowd.

The most expensive place in Yaletown will set you back a staggering $7.98 million. This five bedroom three bathroom sub-penthouse features views of False Creek, an 838 square foot balcony and a private wine cellar.

If you don’t quite have $8 million saved up, opt for the least expensive place in Yaletown: a $399,000 studio apartment with a, wait for it, Murphy bed. If you’ve always dreamt of bringing your bed down from the wall, this is the place for you.


Cobblestones, brick walls and tech start-ups await you in Gastown. But just how much does all that cool cost?

Turns out, there aren’t too many residential options in Gastown so the most expensive apartment will only cost you $3.48 million. That’s nothing, right? For that much you’ll get a 2 bedroom three level sky loft with 16 foot ceilings and amazing views.

The cheapest studio in Gastown comes in at $464,900. Unfortunately, you’ll downgrade to only 10 foot tall ceilings and have to trade your ocean view for a view of the apartment courtyard.


In Kits you’ll find cute shops, young families, beaches and lots of yoga pants. But will you be able to find a home to call your own?

If the downtown prices scared you, get ready to be really terrified. The most expensive house in Kitsilano is on the market for $21.8 million. Holy moly! This waterfront house features five bedrooms, three bathrooms and your own private dock.

The cheapest apartment in Kitsilano is a one bedroom one bathroom for $374,800, which is better than what you could get on the other side of the bridge. This spacious one bedroom has its own balcony and is just a few blocks up from the beach.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, by Main and Broadway, is one of the trendiest and most up and coming areas in town. Here’s what housing looks like:

The most expensive apartment in Mount Pleasant is a detached single family home for $4.68 million. This home has four levels, mountain views, two fireplaces and seven bathrooms.

The cheapest place in Mount Pleasant is an affordable one bedroom for only $249,888. While the location at 14th and Quebec is ideal, we’re a little wary that the description says to, “Bring your renovation skills.”

East Van

Heading east we get a cooler vibe and, hopefully, a lower price tag. But we won’t hold our breath.

If you have $6.88 million, you can own the most expensive house in East Vancouver. This six bedroom five bathroom home sits on a huge lot and has the potential to be turned into six rental units.

On the lower end of the spectrum, you can have East Van’s cheapest apartment for just $318,000. And in East Van, $318,000 will get you a two bedroom two bathroom apartment with in-suite laundry, parking and a balcony. That seems like it might be the best deal ever, so you should get on it quick if you want to live in East Vancouver.


Head to Vancouver’s south and you’ll find Marpole, a relatively residential area that’s perfect if you need easy access to the airport. But what do housing prices look like out by the Fraser River?

$5.5 million will get you the most expensive home in Marpole with eight bedrooms and over 4400 square feet. The listing says it’s a great investment property but this line makes us nervous: “No showings – drive by only.”

For just $349,900 you can own this adorable one bedroom apartment complete with a balcony, in-suite laundry and a gas fireplace. It’s so cute we can almost forgive the fact that it’s all the way out at 65th and Granville.

North Van

While not technically in Vancouver, many Vancouverites choose to settle in North Van. And we can certainly see the appeal. But can we afford it?

The most expensive home in North Van is an 8500 square foot mansion with four bedrooms and five bathrooms selling for an insane $25 million. That price tag also gets you 5.6 acres of land and what appears to be your own little lake.

North Van definitely serves up some drastically different home prices. The least expensive home in North Vancouver is a two bedroom mobile home for only $99,900. However there are a few stipulations: the home is in a retirement park so the owners must be 55 years or older and they’re asking for cash only.


Again, we’re outside Vancouver but just by a short bridge. If you’re okay with planes flying overhead and want easy access to good Chinese food, Richmond could be the place for you.

$15.8 million will get you a five bedroom eight bathroom 7000 square foot mansion in Richmond. There’s also a pool, theatre, gym, library and separate guest suite all on 18.61 acres of green land with a view to the North Shore mountains. If you buy this place, can we visit?

If you don’t quite have $15.8 million, what about a one bedroom apartment for just $112,900? It’s no mansion, but it does have parking and is close to local transit and schools.


When you go east of East Van, you get Burnaby. And sure, it’s not Vancouver but it’s pretty close. You’re able to get into the city without paying city prices, but Burnaby living won’t exactly come cheap.

The most expensive home in Burnaby is a beautiful six bedroom eight bathroom $5.58 million house. This dream home is almost 11000 square feet with Swarovski hand-cut chandeliers, a gym, wine cellar and a fountain and waterfall in the backyard.

For $200,000 you can own Burnaby’s cheapest one bedroom apartment but be warned, it’s not for everyone. The apartment is in a senior’s complex so residents must be 55 years or older. And the last line of the listing says, “The unit is in need of TLC.” Uh oh.

So now that you know what the most and least expensive homes look like in your neighbourhood, think you’ll be able to buy anytime soon? Or have we sold you on looking in a new neighbourhood of Vancouver or even outside the city?

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