10 Cool Courses You Didn’t Know You Could Take

Posted on June 1, 2017 - It’s time to go back to school, Vancouver!

But don’t worry. This time the courses are much cooler. Yes, there will probably still be homework, tests and the dreaded group projects. But the subject matter is something you’ll actually want to study.

Don’t believe us? Check out 10 courses you can take through the University of British Columbia’s Continuing Studies program. The best part is you can register for an individual course or certificate program without committing to a full multi-year degree at UBC. Plus, some of these courses are held at the Robson Square campus, so you don’t have to trek your buns out to Point Grey.

Here are 10 very cool courses that you can enroll in:

Sign Language

Ever wanted to learn to speak with your hands? Then sign up for sign language courses! This beautiful language is so unique and a lot of fun to learn. If ASL (American Sign Language) isn’t up your alley, there are nine other language courses offered by UBC including Dutch and Korean.

Food & Travel Writing

Want to start the latest food review website or a travel blog you update while you fly around the world? Take UBC’s Food & Travel Writing course taught by a local journalist for all the writing knowledge you’ll need to get your start. You’ll also learn some practical tips such as how to send query letters to editors so they will publish your stuff.

Video Game Narrative

Yes, you read that right. You can literally take a course on how to write for video games. You know all that dialogue you like to skip through when you’re playing your favorite video game? Someone is the author of that dialogue. And that author could be you! If video games aren’t your style, UBC offers lots of other creative writing courses in non-fiction, novel writing, fantasy and children’s books.

Issues in International Health Delivery

Curious about international health work? Wonder what the Red Cross is doing and why it’s not as simple as dropping off some medicine and leaving? Take this course to learn all of the many issues involved in international health work. You can also take courses on international development, culture and education.

Journaling for Self-Care and Wellness

We should probably all sign up for this course. UBC offers a whole list of courses on counselling for both health service professionals and people who are just interested in wellness. You can take courses on meditation, mindfulness, dealing with trauma and even infidelity and couples’ counselling.

Multimedia and Web Design courses

Need to brush up on your multimedia and web design skills? UBC Continuing Studies has you covered. There are lots of courses in Adobe Illustrator, HTML, visual design and Photoshop. So now you can confidently apply to those jobs that ask for a laundry list of special computer design skills.

Social Media Strategy and Marketing

Here’s one that your boss will love. Your boss might like these courses so much they’ll have the office pay for the course! You can learn how to develop social media strategy, how to monetize social media and how to advertise through social media. You can even take a course on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile!

Teamwork in the Project Environment

So we’re thinking this course should be mandatory for most office places. Do you know how many conflicts we could avoid if everyone had to take a course on how to work together as a team on a project? Let’s all sign up! And if your team doesn’t need any work, there are lots of other courses on project and program management you can take to make your work life better.

Festivals, Events and Eventful Communities

Studying Coachella for school? Yes, please! Take this course to learn all about festivals, shows, fairs and all the other fun community events. Want to plan the best party ever or have to throw a gala for work? Sign up for this course!

Sleep: Your Other Life

Yes, there is a course all about sleeping. Learn why we sleep, why you might be having trouble sleeping and why some people sleep walk and talk. Other awesome liberal arts courses discuss topics like managing stress, religion, poetry, real estate and mythology. There’s something for everyone!

These are just ten out of hundreds of very cool courses that UBC offers on almost every subject imaginable from refugee protection to digital marketing strategy and everything in between. What course would you sign up for?

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