6 Best Vancouver Hikes for Beginners

Posted on June 5, 2017 - So you want to try hiking?

Good for you! Hiking is the #2 pastime of Vancouverites, after brunch, of course. But you can feel a lot better about your mountain of waffles and bottomless mimosas if you spent the day before getting your hike on. Plus, where better to start hiking? Vancouver is lousy with beautiful hiking trails and tons of hiking enthusiasts who would be only too happy to take you out.

But if you’re new to hiking, you’re going to want to start small. Don’t run out and buy a whole new wardrobe or gear up for a multi-day expedition. Give your legs a chance to warm up with these six beginner hikes around Vancouver. And even though they’re less intense, they’re still just as beautiful. Plus, no one at the brunch table needs to know you only hiked for an hour or two. You still deserve those mimosas!

Quarry Rock

The Quarry Rock hike in Deep Cove is popular amongst Vancouver hikers for a reason. The 3.8 km route gives you a bit of elevation, but nothing too serious. This 1.5 hour hike is dog-friendly and drops you off to a beautiful viewpoint at the end.

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Norvan Falls

While the Norvan Falls hike is long, 7km, we added it to our list because it’s nice and flat. Plus, it’s quiet so you don’t have to worry about crowds on your 3-5 hour “walk.” Enjoy giant trees and a gorgeous waterfall at the end. Just make sure you take the Cedar Mill Trail if you want your hike as flat as possible.

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Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver is ideal for newbie hikers because there are lots of picturesque paths to choose from. You have your choice of easy hikes and even the longest one shouldn’t take you more than two hours to finish. That is, if you don’t stop every 10 feet to take a picture of the view!

Lynn Loop

Enjoy this beautiful 1.5 hour hike in North Vancouver with city views, strolls along big cedar trees and a trail by the creek. Views, trees and the water? It doesn’t get much better than that on the Vancouver hiking scene.

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Cypress Falls

Head to West Vancouver and follow the trails along Cypress Creek. During your 1.5 hour hike, you’ll be rewarded with two beautiful waterfalls and lots of moss-covered old trees. Fans of Cypress Falls believe it’s a great easy hike for beginners.

Dog Mountain Trail

Dog Mountain Trail is a 5km path up Mount Seymour that should take you about 2 hours to finish. And while the hike is definitely uphill, the views from the top are so worth it. Vancouver has never looked prettier than from the top of this trail!

Ready to start hiking? Which trail do you want to try out first?

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