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News - By Riana Ang-Canning - 4 days ago

Big Plans for Downtown Burrard Place

By Riana Ang-Canning - 4 days ago
Downtown Vancouver's latest multi-tower project has begun at Burrard Place. The four tower complex, situated on Burrard and Hornby between Davie and Drake, will be a mixed use space serving residential and commercial tenants and owners. Here's what's happening at Burrard...
Drinks - By Ken Hill - 5 days ago

Vancouver Island Tea Farm Produces Landmark Harvest

By Ken Hill - 5 days ago
A Vancouver Island couple has successfully produced Canada's first Camellia sinensis, a plant that yields black tea, green tea, and a variety of others. Tea, the world's most popular beverage, has a long history stretching back thousands of years, beginning in China and spreading...
News - By Cass Harvey - Jan. 14, 2017

Vancouver Man Lives Out of Storage Unit for 2 Months

By Cass Harvey - Jan. 14, 2017
One of the most common complaints about Vancouver is how expensive renting and housing is - especially in the downtown core. One Vancouver man decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own little home in a storage unit. Instead of renting an apartment, he chose to...
News - By Naima Moore - Jan. 13, 2017

Inflatable Backpack Saves Snowboarders Life

By Naima Moore - Jan. 13, 2017
Today we learn a valuable lesson. Never toss a gift from your grandmother. Tom Oye, a lucky snowboarder wouldn’t have been so lucky if he did. A few days ago he was snowboarding in the backcountry near Whistler and was caught in a massive avalanche. Before the snow enveloped him,...